My digital facets

Antonello da Messina Portrait of a Man Oil on panel, 12-14 x 9-5/8 in (31x 24.5 cm) Museo della Fondazione Culturale Mandralisca, Cefalu (Palermo)

Today I received a warm letter from two of my old friends from USA and France. Erasmus times. So long. They write seldom, but each time is a true joy for me read those few lines.

They are following this site, so, here and now, I am doing something I usually do not: bring into one place my multi faceted activities as artist and scholar. I’d like to keep things separated not to confound the audience. But it is worth sometimes to put the compass on the map and make all routes visible at least in a post thread. Those friends gave me the input.

Nowadays, apart this Project – The Rook -, I have a personal site, a sort of generic portal, not often updated, it is about cultural issues and not so much imbued in politics as my old off-line three blogs from 1997 to 2012:

There I have my poems blog, only my poems, frequently updated cause I am ever writing some lines roughly thrice a week. My most consistent effort in the www:

Then there is my photo site, street photo, conceptual, some experiments, the last consistent and updated, once-a-month or better, but not good to be follow by pc, the smartphone version is far better:

Then my social: FB, VK, GAB, Twitter, Instagram (the more frequent about photos, bizarre visual experiments and art); all on the line; i hate the social way to discuss, and the social sphere: pure crap interaction, but no one would hear about you if you were not there…: (strictly personal) (public interest)

@dettifurio on Twitter

@necroclerico on Instagram

I am making political cartoons for this site:


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